Aids To Daily Living - Decubitus                                                                                                          
  • Synthetic fur to offer comfort and warmth for patients with sensitive skin.
  • Features hook and loop fasteners for quick and easy application
  • Machine washable
  • One pair per package
6110 W/ plastic shell


6120 without plastic shell



  • Covers exposed heel and ankle areas to reduce the chance of friction burns.
  • Extremely comfortable Heel Pillow is filled with poly fill and covered with a soft cotton fabric.
  • Features hook and loop fasteners for quick and easy application, helping ensure a secure fit.
  • One size fits all
  • Machine washable, One pair per package.
6116 Solid Navy 10" L x 9"H



  • Posey's deluxe Podus boot offers effective protection from decubitus heel ulcers and plantar flexion contracture.
  • The deluxe Podus Boot elevates the heel to help prevent the formation of heel ulcers, as well as isolating ulcers that may already be present.
  • A durable plastic splint accommodates up to a 45 degree plantar flexion contracture.
  • Detachable toe post helps keep bed linens off toes, and is padded with a comfortable fabric cover.
  • The anti rotation bar helps prevent internal / external hip rotation, and can be used only when necessary.
  • The optional ambulation sole allows in-room ambulation, and attaches in seconds without tools.
  • The deluxe Podus Boot's Othowick liner keeps moisture away from the skin, keeping it dry.
  • Machine washable. Optional ankle strap and laundry bag also available.
  • One per package.
6147 Posey Deluxe Podus Boot



  • The Posey Heel Guard helps prevent skin breakdown and the side ventilation holes promote air circulation around the foot.
  • The heel Guard is made of soft, lightweight foam and it can be used in a bed or wheelchair.
  • The economically priced Heel Guard is secured with soft straps using hook and loop.
  • One size fits all
  • Single patient use.
  • One pair per package.
  • Flame Retardency
6127  Posey Heel Guard



  • Comfortable sock-like coverings that provide comfort and help protect against friction and shear forces.
  • Made from a latex-free flexible stretch weave material with a cushioned foam pad sewn to the inside.
  • Expandable sleeve is easily removable and helps keep extremities warm without restricting blood circulation.
  • Contoured soft-open cell foam pad is conveniently located on the bony prominences of the heel and elbow, allowing ventilation for the skin to breath.
  • Highly cushioned non-cotton yarn minimize friction and shearing.
  • Machine washable.
6224S Heel/Elbow - small, Up to 14 1/2" Limb Circumference


6224M Heel Elbow - Medium, Up to 17" Limb Circumference


6224L Heel/Elbow - Large, Up to 19 1/2" Limb Circumference


6224XL Heel/Elbow - X-Large, Up to 22" Limb Circumference



  • Comfortable rolls along with you.
  • Elevation helps to eliminate pressure on the legs and feet and provides proper air circulation for prevention of decubitus ulcers.
  • Velcro strap allows for easy closure and fit adjustment
  • Soft, brushed tricot cover
  • Spot clean with mild detergent recommended.
  • 4" wide
HP8200 Donut heel elevator



  • Designed to help circulate air and help heal decubitus ulcers.
  • Made from polyester fibers for softness and resiliency
DP8000 Size 16" x 18"


DP8010 Size 24" x 30" $14.95ea
DP8020 Size 30"x 40" $19.95ea
DP8030 Size 30" x 60" $24.95ea


  • Prevention and management of decubitus ulcers, tissue trauma and other related problems.
  • Reduces pressure points over bony prominences while gently massaging with each body movement.
  • As body weight is more evenly distributed, pressure is minimized, reducing risk of skin trauma.
  • Flame retardant, single layer construction.
CP5220 Hospital size ( 34" x 72" x 1/3/4")


CP5225 Hospital size (34" x 72" x 3")


CP5230 Hospital Size ( 34" x 72"x 4")


CP5201 Double Size (54" x 74" x4") $149.95ea
CP5202 Queen Size ( 60 "x 74" x 4") $159.95ea
CP5203 King Size ( 76" x 74" x 4") $179.95ea




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