Aids To Daily Living - Telemergency Alert Device 
  • Wireless Pendant Plus Speaker Phone
  • A product that automatically contacts 911 (optional) and up to five additional phone numbers of your choice.
  • One simple press of a button (on remote help pendant or unit)
  • No monthly fees
  • Tones that let you know help is on the way
  • Help Pendant can typically activate the Medical Emergency from up to 100 feet, dependent upon environmental conditions
  • The pendant also has a small button which is used to stop (cancel) any transmission over the telephone line (the same as pressing the STOP on the unit).
3105 Telemergency 

$179.95 ea


  • No Monthly Fees
  • In an emergency, press the activation button on the 911 Guardian Phone. 
  • The pendant immediately calls 911. Within seconds, the user speak directly with the 911 operator through the 911 Guardian phone. 
  • After the 911 operator hangs up or after 4 minutes or inactivity, the phone automatically turns off.
  • 911 does not need recharging. 
  • The phone uses a replaceable alkaline battery which lasts up to 1 year in standby or upto 30 minutes of talk time.
  • The base station connects to any phone outlet and electrical outlet in a home
  • Pendant is splash resistant
  • Included duplex jack for use of second phone on the same outlet. 
  • Range: 600 ft. FCC and DOC approved
  • Includes AC adapter & 7 foot phone cord for base unit, AAA alkaline battery. 
  • One simple press of a button (on remote help pendant or unit)
DT30911 911 Guardian Phone

$195.95 ea




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