Bathroom Auto Lifter
  • The lightest bathlift on the market at only 20.5 lbs
  • Seat height reaches a record 18.8".
  • Excellent for deeper model tubs
  • The backrest reclines to a market leading 50 degrees at its lowest position
  • Completely tool free set up makes it easy to install and operate.
  • The completely water tight hand control floats, making it easy to access the control buttons while bathing
  • The easy to use quick charge lithium ion battery is accommodated in the Hand control
  • Two piece construction makes the lift easy to assemble/disassemble for transport
  • When not in use, back easily folds down space saving storage.
  • Padded seat and backrest provides added comfort
  • Washable hygienic covers available in white, blue or grey
  • Hygeinic cutaway and slimline profile for easy handling
  • Built in safety controls
  • 4 Quick release suction cups with option for an additional 2 for anti-slip bath base
  • Headrest available as an optional extra
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • 2 years guarantee on battery /headset
  • Lifetime warranty on frame & motor
477200252 Auto Bath Lifter




Overall Length (with backrest in a reclined position) 32.6"
Overall Width (seat incl. side flaps) 27.5"
Width of Seat 13.7"
Depth of seat 16.5"
Overall Length of Seat 22.4"
Sitting Height Min. 2.3"
Sitting Height Max. 18.8"
Height of Backrest 25.1" 25.1"
Width of Backrest 12.5" - 14.1" 12.5" - 14.1"
Backrest Reclines 50 50 deg
Width of Baseplate 12.2" 12.2"
Length of Baseplate 22" 22"
Load Capacity Max. 300 lbs. 300 lbs
Total Weight (excl. hand control) 20.5 lbs. 20.5 lbs
Shipping Weight 25.3 lbs


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