Erection  Therapy System 

The Elite Custom has been specifically engineered to provide the best vacuum therapy management for Erectile Dysfunction at the lowest possible cost. The Elite Custom vacuum therapy system is the finest available and is recommended as the most conservative, first-line treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. Vacuum Therapy allows the patient the ability to obtain an almost instant erection at his convenience.
The Vacuum Cylinder is made of high-grade medical plastic for years of trouble-free use. The five tension systems included with the Elite Custom are designed to provide efficient management of the erection and insures that the patient and his partner have enjoyable intimacy without the fear of losing the erection.
The Elite Custom is sold only by the order of a physician. All Support services and warranties are available only to those patients who have registered their systems.
Warranty: Major components (vacuum pump & cylinder) are guaranteed to be free from defective workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of purchase. 
Technical Support: Access to an automated toll-free telephone system is provided to all patients 24 hours/day (seven days a week). 
System Components:
Easy To Use Negative Pressure Pump 
Negative Pressure Cylinder 
Two Sizing Adapters 
Five Comfortable Tension Systems 
Tension System Loading Applicator 
SomaTherapy-ED® Lubricant 
Discreet Carrying Case 
Instructional Video Tape 
Patient Instruction Manual 
Registration Card 




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