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  • Provide cool, bright white light that is ideal for a variety of office-bases procedures.
  • When you need targeted, well-defined illumination without the heat of traditional headlights, look to our Solid State Headlights for superior quality and reliability.
  • Weighing approximately 6 oz., it is extremely comfortable to wear for simple and complex procedures.
  • Supplies bright, white shadow-free light for true tissue color.
  • Rechargeable battery pack makes this a completely portable, compact unit that allows freedom of movement.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of operating the headlight using the direct power source or the rechargeable " belt-clip" portable source.
  • Solid state lamp has 10,000 hour life expectancy with minimal degradation of light output.
49020 Solid State Procedure Headlight w/Direct Power Supply



Solarc Headlight System with Turreted
  • Portable patented high-intensity Solarc™ light source.
  • White, xenon-quality light (5,500°K) provides true tissue color rendition.
  • Up to 30% brighter than halogen high-intensity headlight systems for excellent visualization of the operative site.
  • Soft, flexible headband with a ratchet on the top & back for superior comfort and customized fit.
  • Fiber optic bundle is encased in 3 layers of protective materials to eliminate fiber breakage and reduce costs.
49520 Solarc Surgical Headlight System (Light Source, Fiber Bundle, Headband/Luminaire)


49520TW Solarc Headlight System w/ Turreted Light source (accepts: Wolf, ACMI, Storz, Olympus)



Direct Focusing Headlight
  • Lightweight & comfortable to wear.
  • Convenient focusing sleeve for adjusting the spot size according to the procedure.
  • "Quick Detach" connector on headband for greater mobility.
    Halogen  Headlight
  • Provides true tissue color & consistent, long-lasting illumination.
  • Iris diaphragm regulates diameter of light spot.
  • "Quick Detach" connector on headband for greater mobility. 
  • Even light intensity across all spot sizes for more accurate examination.
  • Open ribbed construction prevents excess heat build-up. 
46003 Direct Focusing Headlight complete


49003 Halogen Headlight Complete



Welch Allyn® LS-200™  PROCEDURE LIGHT
  • Superior maneuverability for accurate light placement without drifting or repositioning.
  • 24" working distance with 2,500 foot-candles light output and 3,200° K color temperature provides enhanced visualization of the operative site and true tissue color rendition.
  • Three-lamp design ensures continuous operation and shadow-free illumination.
  • 7" spot size with feathered edge definition and 12" depth of field reduces eye strain and the need to maneuver the light during procedures.
  • Dichroic reflectors allow infrared light through, for less heat.
  • Halogen lamps provide white light with a 3,000-hour average lamp life.
  • Friction adjustment for customized movement with consistent, long-term durability.
44200 LS200 Light w/arm, Luminaire Section, and Transformer


Does not include mounting option




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