Dear Zask Medical,

I want to follow up on yesterday’s note – to THANK YOUR VERY DEDICATED DELIVERY DRIVER. He brought the wheelchair to our home late last night, in the rain, after a long day of responding to more urgent matters. We greatly appreciate the excellent service.

Paul Driessen & Deborah Richman
April 9, 2000


Dear Zask International,

Thank you for providing the “Transporter” for our use here in D.C. It was very useful and made a vast difference in out ability to travel and experience the many sights here in Washington D.C. I would not hesitate to use Zask in the future and would highly recommend your company in the future. Thank you again.

Guest, Doubletree Hotel 
April 2, 1999  



An old proverb says, “ One good turn deserves another” with that in mind, and thanking you for your kind, unselfish, cheerful help, I made some treats for you. Enjoy!

Cindy Allen 
August 7, 2001



Other companies in the DC area rent wheelchairs. A few are listed on this web page, although there are many more, particularly if you can get into Virginia. Zask Medical in Annandale rents wheelchairs for $30 per week or $45 per month. Others are up to 90 - 100 per month.

Washington DC Area Resource Guide for Activists with Disabilities  
Transportation for People with Disabilities 

Disability Guide :-  www.disabilityguide.orgp://womensstudies.homestead.com/dcguide.html




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